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Katakana Keyboard

Are you planning to learn the Japanese language and learn how to type the Japanese language on your device? Then you are at the right place here, and we will talk about Katakana Keyboard, which is used as a Japanese Keyboard. 

It is the most famous Japanese Keyboard for typing the Japanese Katakana language. Through this Keyboard, you can quickly type texts, essays, content, working an online gig in simple Japanese language. 

It is necessary for those people who are preparing to study or work in Japan. They have to learn how to write and speak the Japanese language. This Keyboard is specially designed to help in typing in the Japanese language. 

What is Katakana Keyboard?

Katakana keyboard is a free virtual keyboard which used to type in the Japanese language. You can use it on your PC and Android device. Using this Keyboard with Japanese characters simplifies the tactic of corresponding with clients and associates in Japanese-speaking countries. 

To type Japanese languages on your device, you have to add Japanese characters to your text; with the help of this Keyboard, you can quickly type any Japanese language.

You’ll first need to add the Japanese Keyboard layout on your device. Once you add the structure, you can quickly switch between English and Japanese. 

Japanese is the most famous language, which is used by approximately 128 million people worldwide. Katakana keyboard has all Japanese characters and symbols that you can use in your documents. This Keyboard is suitable for people who have been studying Japanese. 

Katakana and Kanji Keyboard Difference 

Kanji are the logographic language of Japan. It contains inherent meaning with the character itself. 

These kinds of characters are borrowed from China. The real meaning of Kanji is Japanese character. In this language, every character represents a word or phrase.  

Similarly, Katakana is the Japanese language that is used for foreign words. It is a syllabic character like Hiragana. You can use this language in “simple Writing Script.”

With the help of Kanji Keyboard, you can type all Kanji characters on your device, and the Katakana Keyboard helps you write anything in Katakana language. 

 How to use Katakana Keyboard?

Install Katakana Keyboard on a Windows Computer
  1. To install Katakana input for Windows 10 devices, start by clicking on the Start Menu symbol.
  2. Open your Control Panel.
  3. Under “Clock, Language, and Region,” select “Add a language.”
  4. Click “Add a language” above your list of already installed languages.
  5. Under “J,” find the Keyboard labeled “Katakana,” and select it, and then press “Add.”
  6. After adding Japanese to your language packs, go to “Language options” and select “Advanced” under “Japanese.”
  7. Here you can choose how you’d like things to be formatted when you use your Keyboard. We suggest leaving the input method as “romaji.”

Installing Katakana Keyboard on a Mac

  1. Under your System Preferences, click “Language & Region.”
  2. Click “+” underneath your list of already installed languages.
  3. Scroll down and select “Japanese,” then “Add.”
  4. Select “Use English.”
  5. Select “Keyboard preferences.”
  6. Select “+,” then “Japanese,” then “Add.”
  7. Select “Hiragana (Google).”
  8. At the top of your Mac’s menu bar, you’ll see a new symbol. Select it to toggle between English and Japanese.

Installing Katakana Keyboard on an iPhone

  1. Go to “Settings” then “General.”
  2. Select “Keyboard” then “Keyboards.”
  3. Click “Add New Keyboard” and browse through the languages until you get to “Japanese.”
  4. Select “Japanese” and then “Romaji.”
  5. Now, whenever you go into “keyboard mode” on your phone, you’ll be able to click the little globe symbol to toggle between Japanese and English keyboards.

How to use this Keyboard on My Android Phone?

  1. Download Google Japanese Input from the Play Store.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Consent to whatever permissions it asks for.
  4. After installing and setting up, you’ll automatically be taken to “Language & Input” in your Settings.
  5. Toggle the switch to activate Google Japanese Input.
  6. Like with iPhones, you need to click the little globe on your Keyboard to switch to Japanese.

Best features of this Keyboard

  1. It contains all Katakana Japanese language.
  2. Here, you will get five singular vowels, 40 consonant-vowel, and one singular consonant to type in Japanese. 
  3. You also can translate the Japanese language to the English language with this Katakana Keyboard.